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"How many must fall? How many..? Too long the servants of evil have ravaged our people...and this once proud kingdom of Arnor. Men of the West...the shadow grows longer and its cruel arm ever towards us, but we, we cannot lose hope. A time will come when the Dunedain regain their strength and banish evil from these lands forever...until then, we have a duty to safe-guard our people at all cost. So..arise Dunedain; remember who you are. Let our enemies once again flee before us and let no orc leave this forest alive!" -- Arathorn son of Arador, Fifteenth Chieftain of the Dunedain TA 2873 - TA 2933 

Many children of Arnor know not who they are. Most have forgotten the grandeur which once existed on the ground beneath their feet. The Kingdom of Elendil of Numenor, it's seat upon Annuminas...Men of the West, of whom Sauron feared most.

Few children of Arnor know who they are and what line they he a Bree-lander farmer or a fisherman's wife...on the lands of ancient Arnor in Eriador there may yet be the blood of ancient valour, a torch waiting to be lit...

Children of Arnor is a Kinship within the Lord of the Rings: Online MMO, Landroval server. The kin in itself whilst may hold mostly Role-Playing aspects, we personally do like to raid often as well and fully respect each style of gaming and the PVMP side of things.

Be your style Role-Playing, Raiding, PVE, PVMP or a little of everything we're happy to have you.

Note: One must apply for site membership before they see the good stuff in our forums.
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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